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Currently working as a jewelers apprentice. Shit pay for now but im pretty good at it and maybe in another month i'll make decent money. 
Maybe get a house boat to live on. 
I've asked myself often,
Why am I here? Whats my purpose?
And in moments of madness when the rising sun is mine and I alone can grasp the clouds and shape the light.
In those groggy half-steps off a bus in Somewhere, America, where the stars grip the horizon and the incandescent glow of a sleeping city bleeds into the twilight,
I always find my answer.

I am here,
To ride until I am passed out on strange shoulders as tired and tense as my own.
To be rained out and washed up against gas station sanctuaries.
To be a friendly face to those who know only a few in this sea of tight lips and laser focused eyes.

I am here,
To tear cotton candy skies into road maps to there.
To pull light into the darkness and turn these chains into prisms that splash color into the void.
To rip out stitches just to see the blood because there is no beauty without pain and perception is everything.

I am here..
To find the small things.
To indulge in a microcosm of bliss.
A fresh sandwich on the highway.
Five dollars passed from a strangers hand.
A cadillac cigarette.
The whispering of trees,
Distant rolling thunder.

The road owns my soul and a devil has possessed my feet.
I am here to cast my own blend of fire into the world.
I am here,
To wander.
Wander Wander
ITS DOOOOOONE    fuck. This one took a while but I'm pretty happy. ganna try out some poetry slams with it. Now its just weeks of practicing it as spoken word. 
My branches are shaking
I've been grinding my teeth for too damn long.
You know these kind of things
Take a rain check on reality.
What have I been building,
I know my core is strong.
My eyes can show you,
I've been working on another song.
Tired eyes and teeth flashed
In the light of something else going wrong.

Cut away the excess. Is there anything left?
Well, I'm not sure,
but I'll stand on the monument made,
for the memories of buried flesh.

We will wake up tomorrow.
Because in a sick way they saved us.
We know how it feels to be left behind
They remind us of all our fears,
these monuments to un-shed tears.
work in process (A monument to death)
broke down for the first time in a long time.. this is whatcame out. Ganna work on it. 
its been years since ive felt anger. It feels good. I wanna fight and bleed. I just wanna fuck something up. 
I guess I'm just wasted potential. I guess I'm just wasting away
Hey people. Uh.  I got a new page explicitly for photography. I finnaly got my self a film camera so I'm pretty stoked on it. This page is going to stay for writes ands that's about it (I need somewhere to vent)  go check it out at   yes. You. Go on. Check it out. Ya dangus. It's for your health


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Well, Its been a long time, and I think i'm a new person now, so, new bio.
I am quite, more so than ever. I try to keep my word. but we know how that goes.
I"m selfish. Not of things but of the passing time.
I like art and I dont skate as much as I would like to.
Theres more, but, its not all that interesting.
Current Residence: Augusta GA (leaving for the mountains on March 14th)
Favourite genre of music: Psychedelic, Blues, Funk, any thing strange and crazy.
Favourite style of art: Surrel, depressive things, that capture the darkest of human emotion and internal struggle
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: My I pod Nano
Favourite cartoon character: Marshall Lee (Adventure Time)
Personal Quote: hopefully this works out.

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