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Rage and rage inside my mind.
This ugly thing inside my head,
Black as crow and apple red,
Grows and spreads like mold on bread.
Rage and rage inside my mind.
It smells of rot and lack of care,
But in the mirror; breath of air.
I must be real, I'm standing there.
Rage and rage inside my mind.
Guilty, puncture; made of blood.
This, my song, too often sung,
My strand of fate was never strung.
Rage and rage inside my mind.
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(Contains: strong language)
Well, god used to live in the sun and all the trees,
but as soon as god took on the imagine of man
as soon as god started livin in our heads
Thats when we killed him
Cause' now we can tell him what to do.
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(Contains: strong language)
He awoke with a start, the weight of a restless night leaving him suddenly as it was the stench that hit him first. He shot up in bed, still covered from the sweat of his nightmares, and began dry heaving. The thick odor assaulted his senses, causing his eyes to water and his nose to snot. It smelled of decay and death. The strong sickly sweet scent of lilac mixed in as though to try and perfume the foul smell.
It was too much and he vomited onto his dusty wooden floor. Wild fear then took him. He knew what this was and had smelled it before many times. Damn the Gods, he thought, He never thought it would be him. He stumbled out of bed and half-ran, half-fell through his small shack. His constitutions wavering, he threw open the heavy pine door and looked to his feet. He found that could not scream as fear tightened around his throat and his blood ran as cold as the Nordic Winds.
The black charred bones of an infant elk lie at his door step. Frayed and rotting twine held the thing together haphazardly and he could feel the Evil surging from the remains.
He had been Chosen.  
He grabbed at the banister, white knuckling the railing, and bent over double once again purging himself out of fear.
With bleary eyes he stared down the road at the plot of scorched earth that marked the remains of the last house that found The Mark at it's door..
This would be his last days on this Plain as a man

He sat next to the Mark and sobbed. Great tears rolled down his face as he thought of all he was about to leave behind. As the Day broke he watched his last sunrise. He muttered his thanks to The Gods, however grim the morning was, it was glorious sight. Just the other day the sun had been met with Falls overcast skies, promising evening storms. Today, however, the sun broke through great white clouds. Brilliant rays of light charging the sky with its intense morning golds and blues.
The light stretched across the forest town of Wilds Watch. Creeping up the dirt roads and casting long shadows from the various wooden and clay structures. Morning dew began to steam from the thatch roofs and tall grasses leaving a gentle fog on the town. The forest in the distant seemed more ominous than ever.
As he thought about the horrors he would soon face doors began to open as the suns light reached out and through the windows of the weathered houses. The people knew what this morning brought. "It" had come ti claim another sacrifice. The unspeakable horror only took strong, youthful men, the rumor being that It needed them to add to It's unholy keep as The Walking Dead. They wore masks with lemon grass, flowers and pine needles stuffed inside and poking through the edges. The unholy stench of The Mark crept far from his house and would linger into the sobering weeks to come.
Their eyes held pity and sorrow. He knew they also breathed a sigh of relief from the scented masks as they had avoided It's Mark for another year.
"So, I am doomed to join the Walking Dead." he thought aloud with spiteful and ragged breath.
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(Contains: strong language)
I need some holy water
Holy god I'm feelin' dead,
I'm thirsty for that water
But I'll drink coke instead.

Kill all the grass,
Keep your flowers in boxes.
You makes jokes about death
You breath in more toxins.

Windy days and pot head haze
Push kick rhythms an' trails to blaze.
Gangrene fingers on rusty old strings
Rusty old souls with rotten new wings.  

On the corner with nothing but truth in your pocket
Screamin' bout the lost lovers in their lost gold lockets
How about that, a louder song than before,
Silent storms
You want more.

So kill your gods and drink your coke, grow your flowers and smoke your smokes. Get high and skate, go somewhere new.  Play that old song and make it you. Get angry, get pissed about who and how you lost. Let the new song scream and wash off the moss. Go wander for a bit and clean your soul. Let it be known that you are not life's whore.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
I thought i was in a good mood.

Turns out i'm just manic.

At least it's something.

Something to hold onto.

It always turns dark though.

Like a cold star.

Or another contradictory thing I can't be bothered with coming up with.
The more I learn about this void and the spirits that exist there the more confusing it becomes.
I think there are still massive beings of energy out in the world, they control much but not as much as they used to.
I feel like I"m falling down a rabbit hole. The more I learn the looser my grip on the reality around me becomes.
My time there has probably contributed greatly to how crazy I feel sometimes.
bah. Rambles.
I Feel compelled to write all this down.  Start journling my experences there. Maybe one day a stragner will come along and solidify all of this for me. Theres too much detail for it to be my imagination. I've had to many experiences that tell me its all real. Am I unlocking secrets that have been lost? are there others who can do all of this and know more than I do? Am I the only one?

I must be insane but my power has been tested time and time again and others have witnessed it. Just yesterday I forced a being from a friends house. no religious rituals involved, it was merely my own mental and spiritual abilites. And now its gone and she sleeps soundly at night.

 I just need to find someone else who I've never met to confirm my findings. If everyone on earth could do this, could see what I see. It'd be a much different place I think.


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United States
Well, Its been a long time, and I think i'm a new person now, so, new bio.
I am quite, more so than ever. I try to keep my word. but we know how that goes.
I"m selfish. Not of things but of the passing time.
I like art and I dont skate as much as I would like to.
Theres more, but, its not all that interesting.
Current Residence: Augusta GA (leaving for the mountains on March 14th)
Favourite genre of music: Psychedelic, Blues, Funk, any thing strange and crazy.
Favourite style of art: Surrel, depressive things, that capture the darkest of human emotion and internal struggle
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: My I pod Nano
Favourite cartoon character: Marshall Lee (Adventure Time)
Personal Quote: hopefully this works out.

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