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WEll they say I've got potential. If I just tried more, I could make millions and have one of those double doors on the front of my house.  That sounds like the shit I hate. I just wanna walk. I know I can be great, just not the ways you want me to be. I wanna talk to the people who you think don't deserve the time of day. Cause they've got stories to tell and when I ask whats up, its not the weather. I've never felt like I belong, but the trees are starting to feel like home. I know I'm a disappointment but this way of life makes me feel like shit. I don't think there's a way your supposed to live. So lemme walk and give me a pack. I'd say I'll see you again but I'm never coming back.
Hypathetical conversation
bleh. My writes have been fucking horrible lately. I need something else.
little bit of bud wouldnt hurt either.
When the fuck did this turn into facebook. What the fuck.
I'm afraid if you get rid of all the pain and all my sadness, sorrowed days, and useless rage. Would there be anything left standing?
So I'm not asking for a cure, and I'm not asking for your pity, I just a couple of bucks so I can get a forty,
Drink with my friends,
and maybe tonight won't be so rough.  
short write,  might be more song lryics
-not a serious write-
100 billion years have passed.
The dinosaurs are cast back into the forgotten fields of heaven.
After wiping out the dinosaurs from the planet God has been busy working on his new pets.
Rumors have popped up among the dinosaur community. Something called humans have inhabited the earth. They take the image of God and his angels.
Lost in misunderstanding, rage and jealously flow over the community of cold blooded reptilians.
Roberto, The last of the dinosaurs, The Last Dinosaur-asaurus,
Stands calm in a fury of scales and teeth.
He was hurt the most. He was left behind, witnessed the great fire ball scorch the earth and char his friends.
He was the only one who talked to god, and asked him why.
"It was your time." He had said.
Those four words, had instilled so much hate in him.
Now, His time has come.
An ancient evil has crept his way into the place where angels forget to look.
Satan himself, seeks council with The Allosaurus.
Revenge has been on the dinosaurs mind and hate fills him.
Beelzebub bestows power into Roberto and his friends.
The time it seems, has come at last.

God sits upon his throne content with the humans progress. Cities have risen where, billions of years ago, only ash rained and a lone dinosaur walked the earth.
Roberto and his army, every dinosaur that ever was, march upon his great Hall.
Angels stand guard.
Without even looking up, obsessed with his ego driven creation, God says,
"Why do you stand before me? I have cast you and your kind away from here.
Be thankful I let you stay in this realm. My mercy has kept you from hell, but I still hold the power to cast you down."

"Your mercy?" Retorts the Orphanedasuarus, his cold blood growing hot.
"You cast fire from the sky, wiped my race from the planet for no other reason than you were bored. Your mercy will be your undoing."

God laughs heartily as Roberto, powered by the rage of a trillion reptile souls and the spell of Satan, charges towards God.
The Dinosaurs of a thousand ages rend the flesh of the angels and tear their wings from their shoulders, casting them from heaven.

Before the All Mighty can even rise from his chair, or draw another breath for shock,
Roberto Sinks his teeth into his throat.
For the first time since his childhood, he tastes flesh.
For the first time in his life. He savors it.
Feasting on the blood of Him, Roberto becomes all that was and all that is.
The humans feel a disturbance in their nature.
The dinosaur takes his place upon his throne, and looks down on Earth.
The audacity of these creatures.
What was once the homes of him and his friends, now stood skyscrapers and massive buildings. Highways on the bones and graves. Cars running on the decomposed bodies.
They will pay. He will have his revenge.

So, we were slaves again,
like we were before.
Instead of a man with a white beard, it was a dinosaur.
Roberto part II
yea so, i wrote this because im writing a roberto part II song. annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd i need to get the story straight.… thats part one. Well, at least its a really shitty take of it. I was very drunk.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Well the night is a terrible time for me, the day light fades and the distractions too, my brain gets crazy starts to buzz its full of thoughts and pressure fuzz. I'm hearing voices but they don't say much just some stupid words but then thats how it starts.
Soon enough ill dig my fingers into my forehead and hope to god i can push it back in and close my eyes tighter and tighter hope to god that tonight I'm a fighter cause i'm too fucking tired to run, and i'm too fucking tired to cry. I'm too damn tired to try.
The clocks about to strike one, i should be in bed and knocked the fuck out. I know as soon as I lie down my back will start aching like a fucking boulder pressing on me and I'll toss and turn and my crazy gets worser and holy shit someone turn the lights on the shadows are moving.
I gatta get the fuck outta here somebody catapult me, someone just toss my body, across this fucking border.
I've been writing the same shit for the past fucking month. I guess it's time to stop and wait for something else, never thought inspiration could get old.
Pressure Fuzz
I've been going crazy. Crazier, anyways.
Had an attack last night. I think its Rapid Cycling bipolar disorder. and thats not like, just a quick self diagnostic. Thats months and months of research into mental illness. Talking to people to have that and similar things.
So ya know, tonight i'm just sittin here awake at fuckin 2:20 in the fucking morning. Just like. Trying to keep it together.
when it hits its bad man. Real bad. Its lke, your lovers hand becomes a strangers. you get lost in these cycling thoughts. Over and over and over again. One phrase, "I'm faking this, its not real, im okay" "Dont lose it"  "I dont wanna be this way"
Ya know. THings like that
You close your eyes, hide in the dark. Fall into your head. Real fuckin deep. ITs like a well. ya know. aNd you wanna climb out and say something, like, its just an episode, dont worrry. but you can't everything stops you.
Then your emotions go fucking nuts. Your so angry you wanna put a hole in the wall. Start screaming, fight someone. Heart rate jumps way way up, breathing gets heavy. Then bam, your crying because you dont even fucking know its just tears for NO god damn reason. Ya can stop yourself from hittin gthings, but ya can never stop the tears from coming. and it just flips. Sometimes its so bad you start to laugh manically. And switch between all three of those. Your emotions bouncing around in your head at horrible velocities battling it out for dominance. Clawing at your face. Trying to stop it. BUt ya cant.
Then the worst part hits. That sounds like the worst but its not even close. You feel numb. So numb. Its indescribable. You'll never know what its like unless you've felt it yourself. Your brain shuts off. No thoughts, not a damn one. Nothing. Your eyes grow hard, staring out to nothing. Your breathing slows to a point like its stopped. Your heart beats softer and slower than it ever has your whole life. your limbs grow stiff. Fingers get colder. you cant move. cant speak, Zero emotion. really, its like being dead, but somehow, your still aware. Its hard to explain. Then, if your lucky, you'll slip back into what you try to keep as normal. go smoke a cigg, continue on like nothin happened. Maybe burn your arm to snap back to reality. Pain has a way of drawing you out.  
It starts all over again.

Why am I putting this here in a public place. Well, Its cause i already have. So many times. I"ve just never said all of it so bluntly.
I probably need professional help. Can't get that being poor though. Can't tell family cause, hey who wants a kid thats fucking crazy. dont wanna make them deal with that. Haveta shell out cash for me. Fuck that. Families been through enough all ready.

Typed all that out and now i dont know if i can post it.
Hard to be okay, to accept that I"m nuts. Shit I dont fucking know.


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Well, Its been a long time, and I think i'm a new person now, so, new bio.
I am quite, more so than ever. I try to keep my word. but we know how that goes.
I"m selfish. Not of things but of the passing time.
I like art and I dont skate as much as I would like to.
Theres more, but, its not all that interesting.
Current Residence: Augusta GA (leaving for the mountains on March 14th)
Favourite genre of music: Psychedelic, Blues, Funk, any thing strange and crazy.
Favourite style of art: Surrel, depressive things, that capture the darkest of human emotion and internal struggle
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Favourite cartoon character: Marshall Lee (Adventure Time)
Personal Quote: hopefully this works out.

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